Der Regenbaum

Regenbaum_11-still-2Audiovisual installation. (23′28”)
for 12 projectors and electronics in collaboration with visual artist Johannes Braun (D)

Commissioned by Stichting Postivisme (NL), with the support of the Flemish Community.
Date of creation: Club 11 Amsterdam (Stedelijk Museum), May 2006
Recording/media: DVD (producer Jutojo)

More info + video preview:

Der Regenbaum
A primordial landscape of stone, clouds and water. The elements evolve and dissolve into one another. A tree raining into a milky pool. Microcellular organisms create roads and traffic, fog accumulates into clouds and dissipates into the sea. Breathing-
The 3-screen installation is the third project which Johannes Braun (film) and Jean Delouvroy (music) created together after the award winning short film ‘Soundminiature 1′ and the live project ‘Teufelsberg’.
‘Der Regenbaum’ appears on my Double CD (2013). Listen and purchase here



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