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Double CD – Limited edition

2xCD ALBUM [Limited edition]
released 2013 – composed & produced 2004-2013
11 tracks – total duration: 1h39min

Drone in C

New composition Sept 2013 – for electronics [09:05]
Appears on my new Double CD. Release date Nov 2013.


Work in progress. (??’??”)

Unload is a series of short piano works that came to life through instant recorded improvisation sessions performed by Jean Delouvroy. After some editing of the improvised material each composition is finalised as a recording. A score will be produced from all these recordings to be performed live as one composition by a pianist. That score is the last stage of the composing process. Some of the works will be supported with electronics. Each work has a three-digit number (e.g.: ‘Unload 121′ means made in 2012, work number 1).
Visual artist Hans Verhaegen used ‘Unload 121′ to create animated paintings. (
‘Unload 121′ and ‘Unload 122′ appears on my Double CD (2013). Listen and purchase here


Electronics. (07′20”)
Inspired by the book ‘Solaris’ of Stanislaw Lem.
Produced by J. Delouvroy 2005
‘Solaris’ appears on my Double CD (2013). Listen and purchase here

Sound Miniature #1

Electronics (digital manipulation of violin solo). (3′32”)
in collaboration with visual artist Johannes Braun (D)
Soundtrack for experimental short film of Johannes Braun, 1st price ‘Leo award’ at the Braunschweig International Film Festival 2004 for combination music and visuals.
other screenings: Filmfest Dresden, Leuven kort, Synch Festival Greece, …
Recording/media: DVD (producer Jutojo)

‘Sound Miniature #1″ appears on my Double CD (2013). Listen and purchase here



Audiovisual live performance for violin solo, live electronics and visuals (45′00”)
in collaboration with visual artist Johannes Braun (D).
Date of creation: Audiovisiva Milan (Milano Film Festival) Sept 2004
other performances: Audiovisiva Milan 2005, De Brakke Grond Amsterdam May 2007
Recording/media: DVD (producer Jutojo)

More info + preview audio & video:  (more…)

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